! HellO DudeS !

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! Sawadee Ka !


.I mean ' hello ' in thai language.


This blog will have 2 languages or 3 or 4 languages -SOON-.

I did this for my friends that's living in other countries or here in Thailand.

That's why I typed it all in ENGLISH (^o^) So, they can understand it all (^v^).


Don't like to say so much introduction (-_-) maybe 'cus I'm not good @ it (>v<) !


Okay, Let's talk talk talk about FRIENDS (^o^)


Many people always ask me "You know HIM !?" or "You know HER !?".Oh yeah, I know them all (-_-) WHY ?

Yeah, I know myself.I'm not looking-good like them.This is the reason I can't be 1 of their friends ? If it were real, I will cut myself !

I have alot of friends in real life & on the Internet.Some people are GOOD & some people are TERRIBLE.About HANDSOME/BREATH-TAKING & HIDEOUS.I have them too. (^v^)

But I care about their habits(MAIN POINT (-_-)) not only their faces.

And yeah, from my old entry "My super HOT friends" <---I've already deleted it.But this 1 look like that entry too but have more informations/pics. and other languages (^o^) (I hope u like it Yuichi ;) so you can read it and understand it all liked other people on here(I mean thai people (^-^))

Yeah, if you are 1 of my friends, you must really excited about it.'Cuz I don't like to say about my friends much...'cus I don't want to offend them.Hope you all understand it, PLEASE~ But this, I will tell you all here on exteen.com and other guys who come to my blog (^v^)


My Top Friends....

Of course, must be my good friends @ Chitralada school (CD 40).

-Nymph (^o^) !

She's 1 of my best friends (right now & maybe ever~).Cute little girl have thai blood 100% ! If you see her face you should say to yourself that she is " THAI STYLE ".Anyway, She always cheerful.Always make other people happy & talkative too ! (^o^) & yea, we're CHILDHOOD FRIENDS since I was 4 years.

-PaPann or Rie

She's 1 of my best friends, too.Cute little girl ! Everyone always tell her that she really look like Nymph.And I agree.She's cosplayer that many people here in Thailand know (^o^).We're CHILDHOOD FRIENDS Since I studied in primary 1 @ Chitralada school.


Nerd girl but she's looking-good.Her habits can describe ONLY " NERD ".She's a good girl, always help others as much as she can do for them, hard working & many good habits ! You can think ! Oww...she has a bad habit too.But it's so FUNNY (for me or maybe you too (>v<)).She's Devil Eater (^o^) always eat everything on the table as fast as hurricane (OoO) ! That's makes me "SHOCKED"...And yeah, we are CHILDHOOD FRIENDS.


He's a boy that can't choose his gender yet.He always answer other people & his friends too that "I will find the answer what I am".But....(-_-) Almost of your friends(me too) know you are not a man 100% but you are not Lady boy too.Maybe he's bisexual.I don't really know it yet.What he is.But anyway, he is a good friend, clever, nerd(more than Numfon) and gossip boy (>v<).I always sit down next to him and talk talk talk ! really FUN ! Yep, we are CHILDHOOD FRIENDS since I was 4 years.


She's so gentle, quiet, clever, optimistic and many more ! (^v^) She's so TALL ! but she doesn't like Milk (O_o) but She's TALLLLL !!! (You get it !?) (TT^TT) I want to be tall girl like her ! aaaah ! BACK...to her info.Yea, when I saw her 1st time since I was 11-12 years.Ummm....you know, everybody who sees new classmates in class.You must want to know his/her information as much as they can ask from her & she/he answers it all.I'm the 1 in this type (^o^)(>v<).I and June walked to her and asked her many questions but the question that's makes me look idiot is "What's your name ?" and she said.."My name's Neen"...BUT I always called her 'Nee' until my classmate name 'Piggy' told me (o_O)!! She's my CHILDHOOD FRIENDS too.


She came to Chitralada school same year as Neen.She's so fun, talkative, american girl, cheerful, clever and many more (^o^).I often hang out with her when we have time and other of my best friends (^o^).Now, She's studying in Texas, USA.I hope she will be back SOON ! Have alot of things to talk with her ! About CD40 last year and many things ! (>v<) Can't wait.


She was my new classmate when I was 9 years.She's Bisexual.Loves Animes, Fictions, Figures, Comics and Music.She really loves TOKIO HOTEL ! Especially Bill ! She's so quiet.But nowaday...She's talkative ! Because of my friends ' RIE ' ! (=[]=) !! We often hang out together, takes lot of photos everywhere we can take it & some place that we shouldn't too ! (>v<)/ It was really funny stories 2 years ago, when I and Kaew and Rie were studying in grade 10.Bank is Rie's boyfriend.He was really angry his girlfriend so much ! Because Rie was closer to Kaew ! (>v<) Unbelievable ! he thoght that they are going to be lesbian ! But Rie is not.& Kaew liked I told you on above.


She looks like a man.Why ? her face looked like Kang Ho Dong a famous comedian in Korea XD ! But She hates Korean.Everything all about Korean.I think because she hates Bai-Fern.(She was annoying.If she hear something about Korean or Dong Bang Shin Gi.She will really active & can't shut up her mouth <---That's make all classmate feel upset with her.Almost people doesn't like her).She a gossip girl.She knows everthing that I & other of my friends never know (o[]o) !!! & She loves Shopping !

& other friends in CD40.

You are always be my friends ever&ever but you're not my TOP friends yet.So, I & you all must spend time together more than this day.I know you all can be my BEST friends too but some....(-_-) can't be...BECAUSE I HATE YOU  ! (His name is Pleum -Sirawit Sanworibut- he's son of Siam Sanworibut.His father is the president of Dara Video company).I have a reason.I have a big problem with him before all classmates in my grade 12.

And next for my friends TOP friends on Cyber World (^o^) Hope to see u all so REAL !

-Michael Jorgensen

He has a blond hair & blue eyes.He's tall ' 180-185 cm '(OoO).He's older than me.He was born da same year as me(1991)He has a problem with his back.So that's why he can't play any sports but some sports I think he can play it too.He likes to play tennis.He has only mother that he can look after.His father died since he was young.(u_u) He's kind, polite, cheerful, cute, mercy, fun and funny.Can tell about his good habits more than 1 A4 ! (^o^) I like him.He's good guy that Girls would like to be come 1 (^v^).for me !? LOL, I want to be only his Best friends.That's enogh for me(I'm not a good girl...I know myself).We always talk together when we have time about everything.Oh ! He's KPOP Biggest Fan (^o^)/ I met him on IMVU.com (^v^)

-Jessica Soler

She's so cute(she can be Cawaii girls.), polite, friendly, cheerful, hard working and many moreeeee ! She's a good girl that you all should know & be friends.(^o^) She can be a Super model too ! She's so TALLLLLL~ (OoO) !!! She would like to go to Japan ! And now, she wants a scholarship to get there.If somebody here has any advices please TELL ME.I will tell her about that advices that u give it to me.THANK YOU SO MUCH before hand(^/\^).& yea, Where I met her as 1st time ? IMVU.com I always talk with her on MSN, facebook, IMVU, MySpace or Skype (^-^)

-Eric Pan

He's a New York boy.Oh ! Yea, he's asian.He's cool and cute boy.He told me that he's so talkative and have alot of friends on the Internet but in his real life.he doesn't has alot of friends.But anyway, he must have something hide me.But yea, you know I don't want to offend him(other of my friends too).& I want to see him as soon as possible in NEW YORK.Why ? I have a house in NEW YORK and next to it is NEW YORK ! Woooo~ ! (>v<) Haha ! I met him on IMVU.com (again!)

-Yuichi Kagami

He's japanese boy in USA.He's so sweet, cute, cool, awesome and blah blah blah~ (^o^).U guys should talk with him too ! You will stick with HIM ! Liked UHU (>v^).He has 1 sister.Owwww...he's gamer too (^v^) if somebody here interest the same way as him.You should be his good friends too.I'm sure (he's friendly so don't be shy to talk with).And yeah....from many NEWS on IMVU.com I heard many girls talk about him.(That's mean he's POPULAR ! WOW !) and yea, he knows some of them(his fan club).I don't want to say this but my teacher & my teachers friends like him much and want to talk with(so, they all registered IMVU and find him.OMG ! Girls can do anything for their LOVERS ! so scared (if I were a boy (^-^;)).Where i found him ? IMVU.com (Again and Again !).hehe(^v^)

-Nicole Rachinger

She's my german penpal.We always talk through the letter(so old way, but classic (^o^)).yea, She sent me alot of cute stuffs, chocolates, bracelets, necklaces and many things ! She's so sweet, polite, friendly, active, hard working, good, cheerful and love her family so much.I have her email but I never see her appears on MSN.But that's okay ;) I like to talk with her through letters so I can send some cute stuffs from THAILAND to her hometown Weisborg, Germany.She's younger than me.Don't have any boyfriends yet liked ME ! yea, we have same interests.I hope she comes to Thailand or I hope I can go to germany soon!!!!


Half way to everywhere..

She's so pretty cool girl.She's a model and cosplayer that everyone in Germany & in other countries know.She's so kind and friendly to everyone.(TTvTT)I'm really glad that I met her ! i found her on cosspace.com and we get closer and closer then now WE ARE BEST FRIENDS that can share or solve problems or talk about everything ! We have the same ambition ' Want to have our clothes store and sale it all on the Internet & in Germany.This store made for cosplayers and I decide to sew clothe for another costumers (^o^) Now, I still keep in touch with her.Yeah ! 'cus we are FRIENDS !

This is a few of my TOP friends that I post on here.If I have more time I will post it all (>v<) So, don't worry if you don't see your name on here.

By the way, I still love you all ! -MY FRIENDS- !



((Ummm.....I think....some of you (readers) must think I'm a lesbian or bisexual or whatever.But I tell you the truth....I'M NOT LESBIAN :P))

*And sorry about pics.(u_u) I tried to find their pics but I couldn't find it (TT^TT) !




Hi.. I know you posted this for a very long time ago. Well I used to contact with Kagami Yuichi. Im an active IMVU back then. I talk him. we were contact like everyday using yahoo messenger & msn. Well that's like 6 years ago. And I was suspicious back then when I tried to webcam-ing with him and he refused it that he said hes tired and so on. so the only further thing is that we voice call using msn.. and today I do some research of him because of curiousity.. and I found out that he's using a photos of an Japan actor. The actor is Yamamoto Shouma. I just found out btw. And now he seems like dissapeared. I couldn't find his myspace account neither his IMVU. Idk what happen for this past 6 years.. I couldnt even recall when was the last time I contact him. So can you tell me..what happen to him?

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